SPF Appointment, Renewal, and Promotion Policy Statements

The following statements have been approved for public posting to assist individuals and committees involved in the appointment or promotion process of Special Professional Faculty.  The 2012-13 Schedule for Reappointment and Promotion is available at http://provost.nd.edu/assets/71390/2012_13_timeline_memo_to_deans_chairs.pdf.

Arts and Letters: See page 59 of http://al.nd.edu/assets/80842/reference_guide_12_13.pdf
First Year of Studies (approved for posting by Ken DeBoer 11-13-12) FYS Guidelines for Reappointment and Promotion
Institute for Educational Initiatives / ACE (approved for posting by Dan Lapsley 11-4-12): IEI-ACE Promotion Document.June2011
Mendoza College of Business (approved for posting by Dean Huang, 11-8-12): Mendoza College of Business

If you know of policy statements not posted here, please contact Dr. Connie Mick at cmick@nd.edu.

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